Megjelent a Social Inclusion folyóirat legújabb tematikus különszáma a kutatócsoportok több tagjának közreműködésével.

Megjelent a Social Inclusion folyóirat legújabb tematikus különszáma a  kutatócsoportok több tagjának közreműködésével


Fragile Pronatalism? Barriers to Parenthood, One-Child Families, and Childlessness in European Post-Socialist Countries (2022, Volume 10, Issue 3)                                                           

 By Ivett Szalma, Judit Takács, Hana Haskova and Livia Oláh  


Fragile Pronatalism and Reproductive Futures in European Post‐Socialist Contexts
By Ivett Szalma, Hana Hašková, Livia Oláh and Judit Takács

Patterns of Co‐Residential Relationships Across Cohorts in Post‐Socialist Countries: Less Time for Childbearing?
By Sunnee Billingsley and Livia Oláh

Growing Childlessness and One‐Child Families in Slovakia in the Shadow of Fragile Pronatalism
By Branislav Šprocha

Home Alone: Exploring Childcare Options to Remove Barriers to Second Childbearing in Belarus
By Kamila Ishchanova

Childlessness and Barriers to Gay Parenthood in Czechia
By Hana Hašková, Hana Maříková, Zdeněk Sloboda and Kristýna Pospíšilová

Exploring Older Men’s Pathways to Childlessness in Hungary: Did the Change of Policy Regime Matter?
By Ivett Szalma and Judit Takács

Perceptions of Barriers to Motherhood: Female STEM PhD Students’ Changing Family Plans
By Veronika Paksi, Beáta Nagy and Katalin Tardos

Things to Gain, Things to Lose: Perceived Costs and Benefits of Children and Intention to Remain Childless in Poland
By Monika Mynarska and Zuzanna Brzozowska

Contested Parenthood: Attitudes Toward Voluntary Childlessness as a Life Strategy in Post‐Socialist Bulgaria
By Elitsa Dimitrova and Tatyana Kotzeva

How the Everyday Logic of Pragmatic Individualism Undermines Russian State Pronatalism
By Larisa Shpakovskaya and Zhanna Chernova

When Family Policy Doesn’t Work: Motives and Welfare Attitudes Among Childfree Persons in Poland
By Dorota Szelewa

Climate Change Concerns and the Ideal Number of Children: A Comparative Analysis of the V4 Countries
By Borbála Júlia Szczuka